Aaron Court

I am a student of Cardiff and Vale Collage and I am on the Level 3 Art and Design Extended Course. It’s has been a difficult year thanks to covid-19, however I have persisted this year to get my work done.

I have done a series of paintings that make a singular piece when put together. The overall idea is that Life/the road ahead/time is like a Jigsaw and when the last is put into place is when your journey/Life ends.

I came up with the idea of my final piece when my younger sister made cookies in the shape of puzzle pieces but she didn’t cookie cut with all of the pieces to make a entire set and I got really annoyed about that, but that when an idea struck me to make my final piece a Jigsaw. I saw my final piece as a real jigsaw where I could pick the pieces up and put them together as well as taken apart.

I hope my audience will try to understand my piece and a physical and spiritual level, to which they can go and try to improve their own road ahead so that their jigsaw will become even better.

Next year I am trying new experiences to refresh myself and my mental health so I can have a happier and healthier life (hopefully).