Abby Paul

Insta: abbypaul2020

Preserving Nature

“In my adult life I have taken to using my external appearance to enhance my mood, in particular, my choices in the jewellery I wear. In the beginning of this project I wanted to create a line of jewellery which would encapsulate the joy and happiness I seek in everyday life. In experimenting with materials and themes, I found that I wanted to take the cherry blossom theme further than jewellery.

I have been passionate about pink since I was a child; I find so much joy in almost every shade of the colour. And that is something I strive to emote in those who view my crafts and artworks, joy. I believe that art is beauty, and I wish to bring happiness with that beauty also. There can be so much darkness in this world, and I love creating something that can help the viewer forget about that darkness, even if it is only for a short time.

I wanted to create something which would give the look and the feeling of spring all year round, something which reminds the viewer of the ephemeral nature of the cherry blossom tree, but in a permanent manner. I am particularly pleased with the feeling of movement through the piece. As though a refreshing spring breeze has blown through and dislodged some petals.”