Alexei Bondarenco

Insta: alexei_b_d

We Live as we Dream Alone

“Despite the amount of planning that went into the original proposal, most of the practical work had to be redirected in order for me to manage the completion to the best of my ability. The biggest change that had to be made to the project was going from 3D work such as sculptures, resin work and installations to 2D outcomes such as sketches, drawings and paintings. Even then I had to face some of the challenges such as limited indoor space and the lack of proper indoor ventilation when it came to oil painting. Furthermore, I had to look for alternative ways to display my work and I considered posting my project as I go along onto Facebook.

This helped me evaluate individual pieces of work and their success in relation to other users’ reactions. If I had a chance to go back I probably would have changed the structure of the proposed project so it would be less affected by the lockdown measures. However, as the times were unpredictable it was not possible to anticipate such a development. Overall, I think the project was successful as I managed to adapt my practice to the new conditions and produce good quality work as well as the final piece.”