Alice Evans

Insta: alicewithapen

Alice Evans

Witches Sweetshop

“My project, the Witch’s Sweetshop, was a reversed Hansel and Gretel concept. The exterior is a foreboding witch’s hut, the interior a glowing sweetshop – repellent on the outside with an enticing space within. Initially, my project was going to be a set piece large enough to enter, structured using wood and board. I wanted to do this as I am hoping to go into some capacity of production design, and wanted to test myself by creating an almost full sized set piece within a time constraint. This was not the kind of piece that translated well into being constructed at home, so I altered my plan to instead produce a large model of what the set piece would have looked like, along with an example shelf of pieces that you might have found in the full size version. In some ways this was also a productive task as being able to build miniature versions of proposed sets is also a beneficial skill to have.

For a while, I struggled to find a routine that enabled me to work on my project consistently at home – having a separate space for my projects was a benefit of the college course. Eventually I put together a space and was able to get to work. Luckily I have housemates I could bounce ideas off as I went along, another aspect of college that I missed.

The final piece that I produced was not what I had in mind, but it still allowed me to work with new materials (I enjoyed using modroc for the structure and clay for the props) and to create something unlike anything I’d managed prior to the course. I didn’t have to change the concept much – if anything it had more development, though a less impressive physical presence. While the field I would like to enter is in a difficult place right now, I feel that this project and this course has given me a real enthusiasm in my own work and made me more confident to pursue work in the creative industry.”