Art & Design Foundation (Cardiff)

Welcome to the 2020 Foundation Diploma in Art & Design exhibition. Due to the 2020 pandemic, the show has moved online, and we have created a new gallery platform we hope will be used for years’ to come. Within the gallery you will find examples of ‘lockdown’ work created and developed throughout May-June for the students’ final project. The images include a range of work from specialist areas within the Foundation course including: Fine Art, Fashion and Textiles, 3D and Graphic Communication and Illustration.

The work demonstrates the creative capacity, imagination and hard work executed by students in extreme circumstances. The students have developed their practice within their own homes without the usual access to tutoring, materials, space, technologies and each other. Within the Foundation course we encourage an exploratory approach, a critical analysis of practice and the ability to think outside the box – these have been clearly evidenced by the lively and considered work on display. If you are interested in the Foundation Course, please visit for more information or contact