Christmas Concert Videos

The Christmas Concert gives friends and family members the opportunity to witness collaborative and creative skills learned by Year 1 and Year 2 music students over the first few months of the course.  Each of the songs offers a different skills such as complex time signatures, dynamic contrasts and harmonies.

Are you gonna go my way

Dylan Healy-Jones (vocals and guitar), Adam Sloman (guitar), Luke Walsh (bass guitar) and Lewis Martinson (drums).

Cigarette Daydream

Mathew Williams (vocals), Niamh Jones (backing vocals), Ruby Kelly (backing vocals and acoustic guitar), Owain Dancy (bass guitar) and Jordanna Forsey (drums).

In spite of all the danger

Alicia Williams (vocals), Niamh Jones (acoustic guitar and vocals), Ruby Kelly (acoustic guitar and vocals), Tia Farrant (acoustic guitar and vocals).