Courtney Stone

This past year has been difficult for many, I have decided to show that through my final major project. On the topic of “The Road Ahead”. I chose to work with mental health and the road to recovery, calling my body of work “Natural Beauty” I set up three canvases of different sizes and put them in increasing order to symbolise the world becoming a bigger and better place when your mentally healthier. Each painting is looked at as a progression from “Being in a horrible place – Recovering – Being mentally healthier”. I have decided to use something other than facial expressions to express the emotions in my work.

I have used nature “flowers, vines, the colour of the sky and clouds also the texture of the hair and flowers” to symbolise the emotions behind the painting.

While being on this course I have picked up multiple new skills and I look forward to incorporating these into the next chapter of my education. I look forward to moving onto the FDA Makers Course and progressing with my skills here at Cardiff and Vale College.