James Howlett

Insta: small.scale.sinner

Small Scale Sinners

“My project, front and foremost, is about a toy serial killer boasting and confessing his crimes on social media. The idea for this came from my curiosity into the psyche of serial killers, as well as my massive passion for horror movies (see Se7en, The Thing etc.). I’ve made a scene each specifically referencing the SEVEN DEADLY SINS to provide story and as an homage to the master craft of the film Se7en. I wanting to capture morbid curiosity, a key element to a successful project which I believe I did a great job at, having multiple people voice that they loved what I was doing but it made them uneasy!

I created 5/7 scenes, each relating closely to the sins, but also trying to capture that mythos developed by Dante Alighieri with his epic poem, Divine Comedy. Each scene is unique and very, very gruesome, however I believe I managed to bring the charm of using reworked toys into the project, each scene maybe even looking real at a glance whilst retaining the disbelief.

The biggest issue I encountered with this project was time. I only managed to finish 5/7 scenes within the time limit (although soon to be finished), showing me, I really need to focus on time management with future projects. I may have found a love for miniature work, but also discovered I need to manage my workloads and time schedules far better to achieve the best results possible.

My original intentions were to create a large mural type of piece in the college building, encompassing multiple walls to act as a background for photos I could take with the other students. However, this fell apart with the lockdown, as I could no longer access the space and people required.

I overcame the issues of location through creating a project that would work nicely even during the circumstances by being flexible, the materials being available online and the final presentation of it being on social media (easily accessible even during lockdown).

I was greatly inspired by the artist Elliot Langford, or @crawl_spaceOn Instagram, who’s small walls and horror scenes really pushed me in the direction of horror miniature work!

I hope to continue this work in the future, and am really, very proud with what I’ve come up with. I really feel I’ve achieved that weird, gruesome, MORBIDLY CURIOUS feeling to these and can’t wait to continue projects like this in the future!”