Kelsea Durnford

Having completed my final year of Art & Design Level 3 Extended Diploma at Cardiff and Vale College, I have learnt so much from this course and from this difficult year and dealing with restrictions and fears created by Covid-19, I have found new abilities to focus and develop my Art.

Following the given theme “The Road Ahead”, for my Final Major Project I have created a series of acrylic paintings with 3 overall canvases. My intention for this project was to bring positivity and light to end a very stressful and challenging year.

I produced three images in total, my first piece is a heart with a face inside and this was created to raise awareness of the mental health crisis that has happened due to the pandemic, I wanted to create something which demonstrates people are not alone, and that a lot of people are feeling the same pressure. I have also explored how I have improved my own mental and physical wellbeing.
My second piece is a painting of our earth, I created this because it symbolises unity and that we are all on this earth together and therefore we need to work in unison as a nation.
Finally, my third painting was a family tree. This is because I have realised nothing else matters if you are surrounded by loved ones.

I am progressing onto the FDA contemporary Artist Maker course. I plan to extend skills learnt, experiment with new materials and develop a unique and exciting way of working.