Meg Hooper

Make Do and Mend

“My project is about not being wasteful.  I have ‘made do’ as people did during the war.  My intention was to create outcomes by ‘making do’.   My intention didn’t change but it became more meaningful due to the pandemic. Obviously working spaces and facilities changed when working from home but it helped that I have a sewing machine.  I created two outcomes, a blanket and a dress.    Making the blanket at home wasn’t an issue as my wool was easily accessible.  My colour scheme was rainbow to symbolise the NHS symbol and represent joy and hope when I gave it to a family friend who has terminal cancer.   The dress was more challenging as I have no pattern cutting knowledge.  I made a toile so I would feel more confident.  I wanted my dress to be loud in terms of colour and patterns to represent the mayhem of the current world pandemic.  The issues I faced were running out of wool and undoing old projects so I would have enough for this one. However, the biggest challenge I have faced is not having one on one tutorials on pattern cutting.  I am proud that I completed both outcomes in the time frame, especially the dress.  I feel more informed about my artistic interest in recycling and sustainability and I will focus on this in university. Calvin Klein was my biggest influence for my dress and Olek and Katie Jones were my inspirations for the blanket due to their bold colour schemes.”