Megan Partington

Insta: meggpartington


“I have felt like the world has been in chaos and people are always rushing. Rushing to achieve goals that aren’t meant to be obtained just yet, rushing to be the next millionaire, to have the most followers on social media, to have the coolest new materialistic things. I have felt as if the world has become impatient and greedy.

So, my designs are aimed at grounding people and reminding them to take a step back to slow down and enjoy what they have in the present moment. To breathe and to focus on being grateful for their family, friends and their freedom.

-You have an entire life- read that again.

My main focus for this project was to create something that was interpreted differently by everyone. I wanted to create lots of angles and curves within my shape and for it to change form as you move around it. I call my final piece an ‘experience’ rather than just a piece of art. I want to provoke emotions in people when they walk in and around it, and to encourage people to lie in and beside it to fully observe and immerse themselves within it.

Throughout my development to the final piece I wanted to create something that looks random when you first look at it but as you study it more, it starts to make sense. Much like how I interpret many scenarios in day to day life.

The changing angles are to represent how quickly one part of life can turn into another. The flow of the string running through the inside is to represent the flow of life and how it doesn’t always go the way you had planned. The wooden spirals represent the important things to remember, the things that underpin us all, family, love, happiness and although these things may shift and change, they will always remain. And finally, the scale of the overall structure is to represent something much bigger than all of us, something we can’t control but also something that protects us and has a plan for everyone, which we must put our faith in.”