Mini Tereo Rich

Insta: miniteraorich

Day Dreaming

“The title of my project is ‘Daydreaming’ and is about exploring my mental space; memories, dreams, goals, unphysical world, though artistic practices. I chose this as I have always depended on my imagination to escape problems and struggles, I was facing in throughout my life, and how art has also developed into a form of therapy over the past few years for me. I also aspire for my work to be an escape for the viewer, from whatever chaos they are facing in their own lives. Artists I am inspired by are Damien Hirst, Fiona Rae, Pop life TATE.

I planned on creating a display for my collection of pieces both 2D and 3D exploring different techniques to bring my thoughts to the physical world. I planned on creating an immersive installation piece inspired by Damien Hirst’s pharmacy and the concept behind the exhibition. I would have displayed this at the end of year show but due to the course being disrupted by the events of COVID19 leading to the college having to close to stop the spread of the virus. Furthermore, this meant that we no longer had access to the facilities or space that the academy provided. Therefore, I now had to produce work from home and with no access to art supply shops I decided to work with materials that I have at home. I have painted energy landscapes inspired by the work of Fiona Rae. I have painted two 2 canvases using acrylic paint from my imagination and no reference as well as a mirror to immerse the viewer into a 2D object. I have experimented with felt, creating lucifer the fire demon from Howl’s moving castle by studio Ghibli, as well as decorating a glass bottle with an acrylic painting. I have drawn a series of sketches in my A5 sketch book of old baby photos from my past, exploring the journey of life. All of the pieces I have created are now displayed in my room, turning my bedroom into my dream space. Most recently I have created a wall hanging inspired by the tanabata festival in japan observed on July 7. As the date approaches, long narrow strips pf colourful paper known as tanzaku, are inscribed with a wish, as well as colourful decorations are hung from bamboo branches. In an exhibition setting I would have had the viewers write down their own tanzaku to hang up themselves, but due to the current situation that was not possible. Therefore, I used Instagram to ask people what their homes and dreams are to write down. This worked successfully and I had many beautiful responses.

During this period, I have faced challenges such as, not being inspired as I was stuck at home all day, access to facilities for materials I would have liked to use, and tutor support. Overall, due to the current circumstances I am pleased with the work I have created using limited supplies. My work did take an unexpected direction, but I think that I have produced pieces that I am satisfied by. For future pieces I aspire to expose myself to new materials and knowledge, allowing me to have complete creative freedom to produce what I want.”