Nadia Chisnal

Insta: nadiachisnall

Larger Than Life

“My project is the story of me challenging my textile abilities and seeing how far I am able to go to reach my goal.

My passion is textiles and making clothing for me or for others, I never knew what part of the textiles industry that I wanted to set my career goal as until quite recently, I would say maybe just before I started this course, once I realised that I’m really interested in costume design I knew that I had to create my own for my Final Major Project.

I know that what I have made isn’t the best that it can be, but there were a couple of techniques that I’ve included that I haven’t used before, so for me this was just the beginning of my journey of creating bigger and better things that I haven’t attempted before and will help me with future projects like this. I’m pleased with how my piece turned out due to the circumstances, with Covid-19 stopping colleges and schools from being open, I was unable to have face to face guidance with my tutors. Therefore I am pleased with what I have created on my own without any proper guidance from my tutors.

Overall I am pleased with what I have accomplished, and although people may look at my piece and can point out the mistakes that I have made, I think that it’s okay because I know that when I look back at this piece of work, I’ll know that those mistakes would have got me to where I will be then. You don’t learn if you don’t make mistakes.”