Naomi Cooper

Insta: idid_this_

Ethical Upcycle

“My project is based on creating as little pollution as possible when making clothing. The best way was to create clothing from clothes no longer needed. The intention at the start of my project was to buy clothing from charity shops and use unwanted clothing. However, due to the national spread of Covid-19, the plans I had in place had to change. I was no longer able to collect clothing from others or go out to buy any. The facilities I would have worked in were also closed. This leaving me very a small choice of clothing and equipment needed for my project. Despite this, I was still able to transform a few pieces of clothing. These items didn’t have a theme other than being sustainable due to little choice. I created 5 tops, a skirt, shorts and decorated a dress.

The main challenge I came across within this project was finding ways in which to change the clothes. This mainly coming down the limited equipment I had at hand. To overcome this problem, I researched alternative ways in how to make clothing, suiting what I had available.

If I were to exhibit the clothing I made, the theme would be natural with plants and reused clothing racks. This keeping to the sustainable theme. Overall, I am pleased with how my project came out. I managed to create items of clothing that look modern and new. These all being in a sustainable more ethical way which was my main goal of my project.”