Naomi James

Insta: lingeriepersona


“My range focuses on creating lingerie specifically designed for women with proportions that are not usually catered for. My project aims to tackle these issues regarding availability and product options for women struggling within this market. I chose this topic as I have an ongoing struggle finding the perfect brand for my own size – most are too expensive and don’t have the right style or support. Having conducted research on various lingerie brands such as ‘La Perla’ and ‘Agent Provocateur’, I found that the designs tended to be less inclusive those outside of the ‘idealistic’ sizing. This was my main inspiration to create one space where these women could access suitable garments for their needs. Prior to Covid-19 I envisioned creating many sets of unique lingerie fitting different body types. This had to be majorly altered as I had no electronic sewing machine at home, only an industrial machine. I also did not have access to models in order to fit my garments to a diverse range of body types. Due to the impracticalities of this situation, I decided to focus my project heavily on the branding concept and the lingerie designs themselves. I was able to create a bra using myself as a reference, hand stitching and carefully using my industrial machine with strong material. I also upcycled a suspender belt attached to leg garters from an old pillow case using the same facilities. Following this, I produced a set of 4 lines, each with 6 digital designs of lingerie. I used these to create 3 expressive paintings. Finally, I created a 30 second advertisement using stop motion and the application ‘iMovie’.

I enjoyed working independently as I could get fully invested in my brand and work on several things at once. Simultaneously working with multiple mediums, I found I could alternate between them whenever I felt necessary. My work has majorly improved my digital skills and I am now considering working further into digital fashion design in the future. I am pleasantly surprised with the amount of work I have produced in the time frame provided and that it had fulfilled my main goal within the industry.”