Rhys Whittington

Insta: the_art_of_whttington

D & D Hero Props

“My final major project was about making hero props for D&D characters. My initial plan for the project was to create 4-6 props for different characters but due to the coronavirus lock down I did not have access to certain large scale tools such as a belt sander, a band saw and a pillar drill. I also did not have access to certain materials that I planned to use such as resin and silicone. I was only able to produce 3 props with the tools and materials I did have. I had problems with sticking things together and making certain props stable enough to move around and I also did not have access to specialist help for certain materials such as the EVA foam. I did work with wood which I burnt patterns into and this prop worked out perfectly and was sturdy enough to move around and carry and I did have enough space to work comfortably and without any hassle. For my exhibition I planned to allow people to interact with the props by holding, moving and using them in addition, I would have set up a digital camera and a green screen for the viewers to have photos taken with their choice of backdrop but due to lock down I am unable to do that. For inspiration I used images from the internet of computer generated designs of weapons and real existing weapons. Overall I was very pleased with the outcome of my work. 2 out of the 3 props look good and are sturdy and practical however, 1 prop looked good and I was pleased with its appearance but it was not practical and sturdy enough. This project has enforced my enjoyment for 3D art and design and prop making for the future and I hope to use the skills I used on this project in the future.”