Rosie Williams

Insta: haelooooo


“This project was based around the ways in which the human body can shift and warp when in peculiar positions, and when perceived from another perspective. I have been intrigued by the human form forever, and have always particularly enjoyed studying larger bodies due to their increased amount of contortions, and this inspired me. I intended on attending many life drawing classes in order to examine the human form in its different shapes and sizes, however due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that was not possible. I still needed models, however, so I relied mainly on self photography and a few voluntary peers for my references. This ultimately assisted me as I now have experience using myself for reference, and it has built my confidence to model for myself more frequently. I was also partially relying on the fact that I would be able to access the facilities for screen printing, which I was not able to utilise. This required me to consider how to use any media and techniques I possessed at home to their highest potential. This led me to develop my photography and oil painting skills hugely, as this was the most readily available resource for me at hand – therefore this project consists of many pieces created in this manner. Some difficulties I had when continuing this project in self-isolation from my home was the lack of space available to me, and interrupted one-on-one support from my tutors. We overcame this through online communication, however it is not ideal for this manner of work. My outcome was a lot more fine art based than the graphics and illustration route on which I was initially going to take, however I think that this was a successful adjustment overall! This project rekindled my interest in the body massively, and Chunky Move / GLOW has broadened my artistic horizons into considering and accepting performance art in my own research. In an exhibit, I would like for my work to be hung, almost centrally in a room, with lights that pulsate in the corners of the room surrounding them.”