The Level 2 Diploma in Art and Design is the perfect foundation for developing student’s knowledge, and is perfect for individuals who are keen to pursue a career in the creative industries. This programme provides students with a broad overview of working towards creative intentions.

This work is of the 2021 cohort’s final major project. This is an opportunity for each student to select, explore and produce art work in a specialist area of art and design which appeals to them. Each student writes their own brief and produces work which is very personal to them as individuals.

The theme of this year’s final major project was that of ‘Brighter Days’. This was influenced by the ongoing pandemic and aimed to encourage thought processes towards happier times and positivity. The aim was to make the audience smile and to reflect happy times in the mind of each young artist. Influences were taken from memories, a favourite place, a special person, an activity that is particularly enjoyed or a special food, Students were also influenced by their favourite artists and art works. The body of work put forward from each individual reflects their thorough and sustained creative research and innovative design processes.