Zoe Ingram

The project is called the Road Ahead. I created three bodies of work connecting to the theme. I focused on “Recovery” linking it to my journey and taking steps forward for a future and recovering from personal problems whether physical or mental.

I focused the three pieces on recovery and unseen disabilities and struggles. My first piece is about mental health, the second about body positivity and dysmorphia and the third a small anecdote to go along with the first two pieces.
I made the decision to make these topics in to three separate books decreasing in size as I created them. The first two contain quotes and drawings connected to mental health and body positivity and the third book is of quotes to go along with both topics.

To include a large range of materials for my final pieces, I used a range of media, focusing on pencils, and watercolours, pens and fine liners to create the sketches and quotes.

From this year, dealing with the restrictions due to covid, I have been able to learn new skills that I have applied to my college work by using the time I had at home in lockdown to teach myself new techniques.
I have gained a good deal of experience from this course and I am pleased with the amount I have accomplished from being here.

When I move forward to my next course (FDA maker) I would like to find a specific style of art I excel at most or would like to specialise in. Moving forward with the FDA Contemporary Artist Designer course I would like to go on and do my PGCE.